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Basic information about the Agreement

Protection of visitors

The aim of Protection of Visitors Agreement is to assist visitors who suffered damage as a result of a road traffic accident outside their state of residence in a state belonging to the Green Card System. The Agreement consists of two parts: a Basic Agreement and an Optional Agreement.

1. Basic Agreement

The purpose of the Basic Agreement is to assist damaged parties in country of their residence to identify the insurer and to obtain basic information about road traffic accident that occurred abroad, as follows:

  • Identification of the insurer of the involved vehicle and of the policy number on the basis of the registration plate;
  • Identification of the driver, owner or holder of the involved vehicle (only in the event that the insurer cannot be identified);
  • Useful documents such as the police report which may prove helpful in the handling of a claim;
  • Details about any possible guarantee fund operating in the state in which the accident occurred and, wherever possible, an explanation of the assistance that is available

2. Optional Agreement

The purpose of the Optional Agreement is to hand over the claims handling process to a Claims Representative of foreign insurer appointed in a country of victim’s residence. Any insurer whose national insurers’ Bureau adheres to this Optional Agreement has the possibility of appointing a Claims Representative in a state other than the one in which it has its establishment. By appointing such a claims representative, the insurer accepts that this claims representative is authorised to represent the insurer in relation to injured parties and to meet their claims in full. A claims representative is entitled to receive a claim demand written in official language in country of victim’s residence, then, to offer and pay the compensation.

By selecting the appropriate link below, you can get information of currently available countries regarding a Basic Agreement, as well as contact details of Claims Representatives in case of an Optional Agreement.

Country List

List of Claims Representatives related to Optional Agreement